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GEODC and NEODD Wins National Recognition

Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation (GEODC) and Northeast Economic Development District (NEODD) are being recognized for its New Natural Resource Economy (NNRE) project, an effort to assist small firms in Eastern Oregon that are taking advantage of emerging opportunities in agriculture and natural resources.  NNRE businesses are finding new ways to use natural resource and agricultural outputs – by developing new products such as organic wheat and lumber from juniper, and by finding new markets for traditional products such as direct farm-to-store marketing of meat and produce.

GEODC and NEODD, partnered with the University of Oregon’s Community Service Center to identify barriers facing NNRE businesses and ways to overcome them.  They range from financing to the complexity of regulations to technical management problems.

GEODC and NEODD have been chosen for a 2017 Innovation Award from the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO).  Innovation Awards are given nationally to honor economic development organizations for creative approaches to advancing regional community and economic development and improving quality of life.

The Innovation Award is presented to GEODC and NEODD in acknowledgement that the New Natural Resource Economy project is making a significant impact on Eastern Oregon.